Arigato Automation

Shopify Product Image Properites Available in
Arigato Automation

With the Arigato Automation app for Shopify you can build complex automations that can access any product image property.

You can quickly and easily build automations that use conditions based on product image properties and include those properties in templates, such as when sending emails, text messages, or creating Trello cards.

Our users absolutely LOVE Arigato Automation, here's why:

  • Access to over 400 data points across various object types including Shopify Orders, Customers, Products, and more.
  • Dozens of pre-built workflows that can be enabled with one click.
  • Powerful testing framework to test your automations to make sure they're perfect.
  • Affordable pricing for running hundreds of automations per day.
Created At created_at
The autogenerated date and time when the product image was created.
Image Height height
Image Width width
Position position
The order of the product image in the list. The first product image is at position 1 and is the 'main' image for the product.
Product ID product_id
Product Image ID id
Updated At updated_at
The autogenerated date and time when the product image was last updated.
URL src
Image source URL.
Variant IDs variant_ids array[]
List of variant IDs that use the image.