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Automate Routine Tasks

  • Do more faster. Trigger custom emails, publish products, add tags, update Metafields, set URLs, track returns, create custom admin workflows

Dozens of Prebuilt Automations

  • Easy start with no developers needed and 73+ pre-built automations including pulling data to Google Sheets, Slack message, Trello cards, etc.

Flexibility to automate more

  • Access to 379 data points, 350+ personalization tokens, and 11 external integrations with Shopify's most flexible automation app.

Start Fast With Prebuilt Workflows

Not seeing what you need? It's easy to make your own custom workflows.

Subscribe new customers who accept marketing to your Mailchimp list

Grow your marketing list and create repeat customers. Segment your list based on any condition, like what items they purchased. This workflow will continue to work after Mailchimp's official app is removed from the Shopify App Store on May 12, 2019.

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