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  • Do more faster. Trigger custom emails, publish products, add tags, update Metafields, set URLs, track returns, create custom admin workflows

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  • Easy start with no developers needed and 73+ pre-built automations including pulling data to Google Sheets, Slack message, Trello cards, etc.

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  • Access to 379 data points, 350+ personalization tokens, and 11 external integrations with Shopify's most flexible automation app.

Start Fast With Prebuilt Workflows

Not seeing what you need? It's easy to make your own custom workflows.

Apply HOLD to open fulfillment orders

This automation is fired on demand and exploits the fulfillment order endpoint, setting the specific fulfillment to HOLD. With this workflow, you can set up the condition to fire on schedule and implement filters based on various order attributes, such as fulfillment locations.
Workflow Actions

Track price changes with Airtable

This workflow is fired every time a product is updated; it checks the current price against a saved value to see if it has changed and exports it to Airtable. With this automation, you can easily track specific product price changes from a single view within Airtable.
Workflow Actions

Email me when there are too many unfulfilled orders (Shopify API)

This workflow is designed to improve the efficiency of the order fulfillment process by monitoring the number of unshipped orders and alerting the relevant parties via email when a certain threshold is reached. It can also be triggered manually through an API call or set to run automatically at scheduled intervals throughout the day. By utilizing this workflow, businesses can ensure that orders are processed and shipped promptly and organized.

Draft order follow up emails

This automation will send a follow-up email to the customer if you issue them with a quotation, and they don't confirm the invoice within 4 days. If they have not confirmed the quote in 10 days, the application will send another reminder.  

Workflow Actions
Integrates With

Create a sales order from draft order

Converts a draft order into a sales order You can add custom conditions such --if the draft below to a specific customer --if the draft is from a specific channel --if the draft has specific tags