Arigato Automation

Remove Tags For Out Of Stock Sizes in Shopify by Using Arigato Automation

This automation removes specific size based tags from products once their inventory level reaches 0

Download Complete

You can now import the ".arigato" workflow file you downloaded into the app.

  1. Open the Arigato Automation app in your Shopify admin.
  2. Visit the "Import & Export" page within the app.
  3. Scroll to bottom and upload your file to import the workflow.

The automation is fired every time a product is sold—the automation checks for each specific variant's new inventory level within the order. If the inventory level has reached or is below zero, it removes the variant's size name as a tag from the product. 

For example, if you had medium, large, and small as tags to a product with these sizes as variants. If the small variant runs out of stock, the automation will remove small as a variant from the product. 

Remove tags from out of stock