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Create A Trello Card For Flagged Fraudulent Order in Shopify by Using Arigato Automation

Manage high-risk orders in your Shopify store with a streamlined internal workflow, ensuring quick and effective investigations for enhanced security.

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Download Complete

You can now import the ".arigato" workflow file you downloaded into the app.

  1. Open the Arigato Automation app in your Shopify admin.
  2. Visit the "Import & Export" page within the app.
  3. Scroll to bottom and upload your file to import the workflow.

This automation fires when an order is paid. It checks to see if the order is flagged as fraudulent by Shopify. If the order is "high risk", it then creates a card in Trello with all the relevant order details such as the time and date of the order, the customer's information, the products ordered, the value of the order and a link to the order in the Shopify admin so you can investigate it.

The workflow is customizable so you could check for multiple order statuses, change the Trello card so it includes more information, or combine it with other actions like automatically canceling the order, automatically issuing a refund, tagging the customer, and so on.

Setup showing how to send a card to Trello when an order is high risk in Shopify using Arigato