Arigato Automation

Change Product Template Suffix in Shopify by Using Arigato Automation

This automation allows you to modify the product's template suffix. 

Workflow Actions

Download Complete

You can now import the ".arigato" workflow file you downloaded into the app.

  1. Open the Arigato Automation app in your Shopify admin.
  2. Visit the "Import & Export" page within the app.
  3. Scroll to bottom and upload your file to import the workflow.

This automation is fired on-demand and updates the product's template suffix using a Shopify API request. With this automation, you can do a bulk update of the products template suffix and targeting specific products' subsets, such as collections or products with certain tags. 

This automation is best suited for cases where you introduce a new template suffix or import bulk products and would like to update. You can also adjust the workflow to include other product attributes. 

Update product template suffix