Integrate Your Shopify Store with Ifttt by Using
Arigato Automation

Send Arigato Automation's Shopify events and payloads to IFTTT to extend the reach of Arigato Automation out to dozens of services across the internet.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free automation tool that can trigger events in services from Amazon Alexa to Z-Wave home automation.

The possibilities are endless when you use this powerful integration in the Arigato Automation Shopify App. You could trigger your Philips Hue lights to change color when you make a sale over $500. You could post products to Twitter. You could send a Telegram message when a refund is created. And on and on.

Our IFTTT integration for Shopify combines the reach of IFTTT with the depth and precision of Arigato Automation. Build your IFTTT workflow by choosing from over 400 data points available in our Shopify app. Zero in on exactly the data that you need to move from Shopify and forward it to one of IFTTT's thousands of services. 

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