Google Sheets

Integrate Your Shopify Store with Google Sheets by Using
Arigato Automation

Transfer any data from Shopify into Google Sheets spreadsheets in real-time.

Reduce manual steps and start automating your store today with Arigato Automation for Shopify. You can send sales data, customer data (including metafield data), product data and much more to Google Sheets. All Shopify data points are available to send to your spreadsheet. You can even send multi-line data. For example, you could send a row for each order and add extra rows under that for each item in the order. This integration is only limited by your creativity. 

Here are some reasons that people LOVE using Arigato Automation to send their data to Google Sheets:

  • Dozens of prebuilt workflows that will benefit any store.
  • Hundreds of data points available to send to Google Sheets.
  • Powerful testing framework to test your workflow before going live.
  • Affordable pricing for adding thousands of rows to Google Sheets per day.

Check out our prebuilt workflows to see what other people are using.

Our Pre-Built Workflows