Integrate Your Shopify Store with Email by Using
Arigato Automation

Send email notifications with customized subject and body text.

Reduce manual steps and start automating your email notifications with Arigato Automation for Shopify. You can craft custom emails to be as simple or complex as you need. With access to hundreds of data points you can display any product, customer, and order information in your emails with ease.

Want to send emails from your own domain? Enable the Arigato Automation SendGrid integration to send emails using your own SendGrid account.

Here are some reasons that people LOVE using Arigato Automation to automate their emails:

  • Dozens of prebuilt workflows that will help any store admin.
  • Hundreds of data points available in your email templates.
  • Powerful testing framework to test your emails before going live.
  • Affordable pricing for sending thousands of emails per month.

Check out our prebuilt workflows to see what other people are using.

Our Pre-Built Workflows

Draft order follow up emails

This automation will send a follow-up email to the customer if you issue them with a quotation, and they don't confirm the invoice within 4 days. If they have not confirmed the quote in 10 days, the application will send another reminder.  

Workflow Actions
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