Arigato Automation

Automatically Unpublish From Sales Channels in Shopify by Using
Arigato Automation

Unpublish your products from selected sales channels with just one click.
The "Unpublish from sales channels" action in the Arigato Automation app for Shopify empowers store owners to efficiently manage and automate their online store. This action allows users to easily remove products from specific sales channels with just a few clicks. By utilizing this feature, Shopify store owners can quickly and seamlessly remove products from marketplaces or specific platforms, ensuring that only the desired sales channels are actively promoting their products. This not only helps streamline inventory management but also provides greater control over product visibility and distribution. With the "Unpublish from sales channels" action, Arigato Automation simplifies the process of managing multiple sales channels, saving time and effort for Shopify store owners.