Arigato Automation

Automatically Add Tags To Product in Shopify by Using
Arigato Automation

Add tags to your Shopify products automatically based on any condition, such as the product vendor, tags or even a metafield.

Auto-tagging your products in Shopify has never been this easy or flexible before. Use one of our prebuilt workflows to start auto-tagging your products with just a few clicks, or create your own workflow and tailor to your specific needs by utilizing hundreds of customizable data points.

Examples of what you can build in just a few clicks:

  • Add a "NEW" tag for new products and remove that tag after a couple weeks.
  • Add tags based on product pricing.
  • Add tags based on product vendor or product type.
  • Add tags based on search terms in the product description.
  • Add a tag when a product becomes out of stock or nearly out of stock.

Check out our prebuilt workflows below for more examples.

One-Click Prebuilt Workflows